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Rabbit Mac Full Profile

Real Name : Charles John Macallum
Celebrity Name : Rabbit Mac of PSYCHO.unit
D.O.B : 7th August 1983
P.O.B : G-Town PNG / Penang Island
First Experience : Kindergarden, P.Ramlee’s Song (Achi Achi Buka Pintu)
Breakthrough : Graveyard Inc’s Provoked.
Hobby / Past Time : Collecting Movie Tickets and Malaysian Ringgits.
Unforgetable Moment : Soccer Beach, 1am, Penang, few years back.

Food : Various Styles of Chicken and Chinese Vegetarian Saapade.
Drink : Hong Seng Paip Thanni.
Actor : T.Rajendran, Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj, Will Smith, Al Pacino and Bruce Campbell
Actress : Tamanna Only
Comedian : Vadivellu for Life!!
Movie : Horror Movies, Sci-Fi, Cartoons and total of 396,527 Episodes of SunTV Naadaganggal.
Director : Wes Craven, Mike Bay, Balu Mahendra and Prakash Ramachandran.
Song : Michael Jackson, Malaysian Songs Rawks, believe dat!
Musician : Michael Jackson, Eminem, Daddy Shaq, A.R.Rahman, Yuvan and Malaysian Composers.
Location : Planet Mars and Heaven ( 3 days 2 nights )
Quote :
  1. ” Always take your First Failure as an Experience, understand it well and try again. “
  2. ” Never forget your First Days from who you were, to who you are today “
  3. ” ????????????? “

RABBIT mac, an upcoming artist from Penang has made a name for himself in the underground scene and has break into mainstream. Being featured in many prominent albums with well known local and international artist, he has created an immense reputation for himself. A hefty fan-base and substantial support promises great prospects for this upcoming star. Rabbit Mac embraced his musical journey at the age of 13 in 1996. His main inspiration came about from his dad’s passion for music.
Since RABBIT was a small boy, his dad used to play various music’s and that has make RABBIT to love music and also the choir classes he lovingly participated as a boy. This is where he begins his career as a musician especially into hip hop and rap music. His favourite 1st tamil RAP was by A.R.Rahman’s Khathal Dhesam ‘Hello Doctor’ and Samba Samba by Noel James. On the English front it was Vannila Ice and of course Pac’s.
Rabbit Mac first started his professional music career by making remixes of both English and Tamil songs with the North Side’s underground labels, Graveyard Inc and PSYCHO.unit. Besides that, his curiosity to explore further on music researches made him hired by some of the leading pubs and bistros as an Emcee and Dee Jay for special functions, Hip Hop Shows n Gigs in Penang, Malaysia. The first studio album with extreme hard work and perseverance was produced in the year 2005. This album, 541 SIMPLY NUMBERZ, together with Mista West and D.J.Bluezi, embarked their maiden journey into the commercial world of music. The concept of 541 is totally different to what Rabbit Mac is promoting now. 541 concentrated more on Pop/Hip-Hop kind of genre whilst the group’s main stream focus now is more towards Rap and Hip-Hop.
With the success of 541 in hand, Rabbit Mac and PSYCHO.unit decided to release their brand new album called “Ma Carrotz” based on the Rap/Hip-Hop culture. However, due to the success of certain other local Malaysian artists, PSYCHO.unit decided to come up with an excellent marketing strategy to emulate the success of rival artists. The strategy is to come up the first Hip-Hop NMalaysian Tamil Underground Album. It also can be said a risk they took to enter the underground scene with an Underground Album in Malaysia. Many have released single tracks before but none have come up with a controversial underground album. Blog’s and websites also said that they were the first artist in Malaysia to come up with an Underground album.
This brought about the birth of “Rabbit’s Provoked”. The main concept behind the album was to educate Malaysian Indians about the spreading social plight nowadays. However this was done in no delicate manner. The extreme nature of this album is to excite or shock everyone so much so that everyone should talk about the album, the artist and the controversial message conveyed. This was to introduce RABBIT.mac in a way that other artists have done before. This proved to peak up to a height where 15 000 CD’s were sold in Malaysia in the years 2007 and 2008. It also helped to promote Rabbit Mac all over the globe. Strong fan bases started in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Canada and Sri Lanka through fan’s created website www.psychounit.tk and networking sites like Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook. The huge success of this album made Rabbit Mac and Psycho Unit to be known by many quarters as the concept of Provoked was so different than any other Indian Product that were ever launched. Sales of Psycho Unit’s merchandise increased tremendously. Moreover, fans and professional counterparts alike encouraged Rabbit Mac to come up with yet another masterpiece. In the grand scheme of things, Psycho Unit’s marketing strategy brought about the incarnation of “Ma Carrotz” which was long awaited and crazed for.
Apart from that, Rabbit Mac has also featured and worked alongside artists like Bionic Asura, Dhilip Varman, Mista Gee, Mc Phoenix, Haze Freaky G, Saran Z, Sugu Amigoz, Mc.Syze, Lock Up, Vassan, Sasi the Don, Nakeeran from Malaysia, Shabir from Singapore, Dinesh Kanagarathnam from Sri Lanka, DJ.Sathya, Christopher Columbus from Singapore, Srik from India, Charles Bosco from United Kingdoms. Featured and composed a Sound Track for India’s Jaya TV’s “Thuppariyum Pulli”. PSYCHO.unit and Rabbit Mac has also worked with a big time movie making company known as MIG Metrowealth by doing Sound Tracks for most anticipated local movies “Senario” and “Ngangkong” which was released end of the year 2009. PSYCHO.unit has also came up with their own clothing apparels called “PSYCHOLOGICAL” Apparels. They sold more than 900 shirts in Malaysia alone. They are coming up with Caps, Bandanas, Wrist Bands and few Designed Shirts of their very own Tamil Local Artists and Groups in Malaysia very soon before end of the year. RABBIT mac’s album MA CARROTZ audio launch, was released on the 25th of August 2009, in GSC Cinema Hall 3 Midvalley Megamall at 6.30pm with crowd exceeding 500 pax. The VIP’s attending are Dato’ David Arumugham (Alley’Cats) and other Malaysian Artists. The copyrights for all the songs in this album, is held by PSYCHO.unit Productions. The artiste involved in this album include, D’Shaaq, Land Slide and C.Loco (Ex-Poetic Ammo), Altimet (Ex-The Tarik Crew), Roshan (K-Town Clan), Balan Kashmir (KLG Sqwad), M.c.Haze (Hyperkinetix), Moots (Pop Shuvit), Psychomantra.

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